The Big Picture of Mobile in Ministry

Antoine RJ Wright

Founder/Primary Voice, Mobile Ministry Magazine

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Goal: Understanding mobile computing as it relates to faith-based activities

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Who Am I
Mobile technology enthusiast, entrepreneurial magazine founder, occasional user interface designer, and mentor. Have participated in developing innovative approaches in web/graphic design, user experience design, and accessibility across mobile and other computing devices for educational, private, and governmental organizations. The primary voice behind Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM), Antoine is pioneering an approach to understanding mobile devices, social web services, and their resulting effects within faith-based communities.

My beginnings of seeing this intersection of mobile and faith occured with circumstances that led to me acquiring my first PDAs in 2000, then later getting involved with the (original) Bible Reader and later Bible+ communities.

History of Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM):
Began in October 2004 as a PDF-based magazine to pastors, MMM has expanded to become a web blog which utilizes associate writers, technology reviews, devotionals, and editorials to create the unique content which assists individuals, organizations, and movements to better understand the implications of faith and mobile technologies. Today, MMM serves to send and receive information around the use and discussion of the implications of mobile technology within faith-based communities. This is done in one respect by the magazine and its collection of mobile applications and resources. In addition, MMM shares knowledge, resources, and understanding through the use of workshops, training sessions, and speaking engagements. Read more at MMM.

Definition of Mobile

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personal computing use that is defined by time, task, and spatial relationships, and is not limited to a device which maintains a wired connection; behavior of use is not limited to non-moving contexts; viewport of use is established by a 1:1 ratio of device/service and user



Book Resource: Mobile First (Luke W.)

Book Resource(s): Tomi Ahonen - several books, The Phone Book Almanac, etc.

Definition of Mobile Ministry

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A this point, the best guides here are the Mobile Ministry Methodology and the organizations involved with the Mobile Minsitry Forum (or use MobMin.Info Portal).

Implications/Challenges to Faith

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Current and Future Trends

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Next Media Platforms

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Wearable Computing

One resource I like that's pretty current is Global Market Update from Chetan Sharma Consulting. There are many others, most of which are noted when they are relevant to the discussion of tech and faith here.

Instigating Mobility

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