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Antoine RJ Wright

Founder/Primary Voice, Mobile Ministry Magazine

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Web's Place in Mobile Strategy

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Analyzing Your Current Content

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Additional Points:

We cover this idea of analysis both in the previously mentioned Mobile Minsitry Methodology, as well as in the articles Should Our Church Have a Mobile Website and How to Build a Mobile App for Your Ministry

Building & Configuring Dev Space

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CMS vs Build from Scratch

There are several companies which are able to not enable you to quickly build mobile websites, but also mobile apps alongside these. For a list of these, see the web/apps dev listing page at MMM.

The largest consideration that any organization has to take here has to do with supporting the mobile website after its built and promoted. The more you want to put into this, the more likely you are going to have the kind of on-going support that may sap the energy or resources within your team. Decide at the early stages of the project that you want to go the route of building everything from scratch, building parts from scratch, or leveraging web app service providers.

Deploying, Promoting, & Examples

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Ideally, developing your mobile ministry website has followed some kind of project scheme or methodology. Deploying the site is a stage within this, and not simply just a matter of putting it out there. In the initial stages of developing your mobile ministry website, you've already looked at the audience and the idea content areas that this mobile website will serve, deploying your webiste at this point is all about making those pieces come together in a cohesive and marketable set of events. The ideas talked about on this slide are just a few of the things to take note of for a mobile website which can many times be missed when deploying the site.


Promoting your mobile website includes all the activities that you do to market the website alongside your existing mobile website, activities which turn interactions from social media websites to your mobile website, and anything that you are doing with print, television, or radio media which speaks directly to the next engagement happening via a mobile device that will access this website. Any disconnect here hinders your organization's abilities to see mobile in its best light, and usually speaks to a disconnect between the technical, marketing, and executive leadership channels in your organizations.


Some Dos and Don'ts

The key with your mobile website, whether it is a church or other type of organization, is to capture the essential content that someone needs to see and can use. Its not necessarly a place to market all that you do - as you want to get someone to the point of action or interaction as efficiently as possible.


QR Code to MMM 2012 Biola Digital Presentation

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