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I wonder how things would differ if same attention was paid to interaction as presentation?
- Bill Buxton (@wasbuxton)

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While it is almost obvious to look at the behavior of sharing content from your mobile device through the perspective of what's been happening in mobile the past decade and a half; it is not as obvious to look at the history of sharing (trade, bartering, etc.) in order to determine what it is that we are actually doing to transfer what we deem as valuable to someone else.

Shareable Files

Bringing the conversation back to computing, we ask first, "what types of content allow themselves to be shared?" From such a question, we don't look at intent, but we simply look at where our opportunities lie.

Familiar Methods

Having established the types of content that we can share. Talk about sharing from our mobile device content in familiar methods. Depending on cultural context and access, some of these are more common than others.

Email Services

File Sharing Services

Mobile Hotspot/Tethering Apps

Unusual Methods

Not every method of sharing content from one mobile to another is familiar. There are other methods used and experimented often in order to share content. These methods offer a bit more control in terms of what's being shared, and contain their own sets of risks and rewards.


Whatever the methods that one engages in sharing content from their mobile device(s), there are limitations, advantages, and other aspects which should be taken into consideration. This section is not an exhaustive listing, but should serve as part of the basis for any organizations social, legal, and technical policies regarding sharing content from mobile devices


Ways to demonstrate the ability to share content from one mobile to another


Regardless of your opinion or activity, the fact is that the mobile device is the primary computing device for very many persons in emerging and emerged markets. Because this is the case, their knowledge and practice of sharing content via mobile devices without a PC has to be taken into consideration for any interactive evangelical engagement. The concepts and practices mentioned in this presentation are only a guide for what can be utilized. Any ministry looking at sharing content needs to be mindful of these and other issues. All of those on the field should be aware of the practice of and limitations to sharing content from their mobile devices.
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