Mobile Technology and Connecting Communities

2009 Bible Tech Conference Presentation
Antoine RJ Wright for Mobile Ministry Magazine (Presenter)


The next technological paradigm to challenge and change how people relate to one another has been exposed by mobile devices and services. From location-based services such as Google Maps, to social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, the ability to connect with one another has moved from large screen and time-dependent media (radio, TV, PC internet) to the more personal and time and location independent arena of mobile devices (SMS, applications, mobile internet). 

Forwarding this change has been smartphones, iPods, and Wi-Fi. Modern culture has demonstrated various ways to connect with this mobile technology, though the Body has been slow to assume the position of a change-agent for using this technology to connect communities. When we understand this ability for mobile technology to enable us to be change agents, we can better adjust our focus of ministry towards more than just those stationary moments. 

This presentation will therefore cover the impending impacts of mobile devices and services on local and global communities, and how we can be led by Christ towards connecting to all.


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Download or Bookmark this Outline with your mobile device's camera