5 Cs of Disciplship

Antoine RJ Wright

Mobile Ministry Magazine

The Commission

Much of our understanding about what we believe and do comes from the disiples as they literally took to heart these and similar words of Jesus. Of, their works, everything had to end with both them and the people around them affirming God the Father through Jesus Christ; and this was only done by the gift of the Spirit.

Three Key Actions

This commission can be broken down into three action points: go, teach, and disciple. Of these three concepts today, we are going to center on dicipliship

Line of Disciples

We'll take a look at a discipleship from the perspective of one of Paul's disciples. And in this case, a disciple that was skilled to the point of being commissioned to his neighborhood/country he was from. Paul sets this up.

Who Was Titus

The 5Cs








The Results of Discipliship

Always live in terms of improving the lives of others around you for the cause of Christ, and because people have been planted in your life to empower yours.