Mobile Stats for EoY 2012
Population Subs Pen. Rate Uniques New Subs Dead/Not-Active
7.1B 6.7B 94% 4.3B 700M ???
Handsets Feature Phones Smartphones New Devices Second-Hand SIM-Only
5.3B 4B 1.3B 1.8B ??? 1.4B
SMS MMS Premium SMS Voice Social Net. VoIP
5.6B 2.9B 1.9B 5.4B 1.1B ???
3G WiFi Camera Browser/WAP Browser/HTML GPS
1.3B 1.1B 4.8B 2.1B 1.5B <1B
Apps & Services
News Apps Gamers Search Ringback Tones Ad Audience
2.3B 1.2B 1.2B 1.3B 1.0B 4.0B
Other Tech
Tablets PCs TVs Newspaper Digital Cameras Port. Gaming Devices
250M 1.6B 2B 430M 300M 250M
Source: Tomi Ahonen Almanac 2013 and Communities Dominate Brands
Shaded blocks are added columns by Antoine RJ Wright, which may not be answered in source data or other readily attainable sources.